For over 50 years, Jendoco Construction Corporation has been involved in the construction of some of the most complicated concrete structures in Pittsburgh. Our forward-thinking team carefully plans and develops the innovative solutions needed to overcome challenges. Our experience ranges from sewage and water treatment plants to complex architectural structures like Trimont, the Frank Lloyd Wright inspired high-rise apartment complex on Mt. Washington. Other notable concrete structures include the University Of Pittsburgh School Of Law, and Carnegie Mellon University’s Baker and Doherty Halls.


Jendoco doesn’t just take great pride in the work its own forces perform. We are also proud of the great efforts we see from our sub-contractors. For example, we have worked on many projects with very elaborate high-end interior finishes. Both the Rodef Shalom and the Beth Shalom Synagogues have exquisite gold gilding and cast plaster work. At Calvary Episcopal Church, we contracted artisans to hand-make each individual piece of the decorative clay tile that was used to construct the sanctuary floor. Some other projects with notable quality interior finishes include the Center for the Arts Shadyside, CMU Newell Simon Building and the Senator John Heinz History Center.