4 keys program

Jendoco Construction Corporation is committed to delivering quality work while maintaining the safety and health of our workers. To ensure a safe workplace, we implement four key programs.


1. Inspection
We monitor all of our work places to identify potential safety hazards and examine if any new safety measures need to be implemented. In addition, areas where the public may interface with construction are inspected on a regular basis to ensure they are safe.


2. Training
Our superintendents and office personnel participate in regular in-house training sessions to ensure they are educated in the latest safety techniques. New training sessions are introduced annually and include a wide-range of issues including trenching, scaffolding, forklifts and first aid.


3. Feedback
Communication is a key in creating a safe and healthy work environment. Our project management team and field personnel communicate on a regular basis to ensure all resources are being managed effectively, efficiently and in a manner that best protects the health and safety of our workers.


4. Compliance
Jendoco and all of its employees adhere to both OSHA regulations as well as our own stringent company policies. We also demand that same level of compliance from all of our subcontractors.